Why Sylvester Stallone will not play in Creed 3 – Enough Already

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Creed 3 is happening but without Sylvester Stallone, who repeatedly said on his Instagram that Rocky’s journey is over. Michael B Jordan will start his now and will direct his 3d Creed movie which will probably air in late 2022. Now let’s see why Rocky should not star in any other Rocky or Creed movies by reviewing the entire franchise.
Sylvester Stallone gave Rocky’s character so much depth during the entire saga. We saw Rocky started as a contender, a punk from the streets maturing and becoming a serious athlete and the heavyweight champion of the world. He fought, trained hard mind and body, went through tough times economically and socially and kept going. In the late movies, he suffered family loss, friends loss like Mickey, Apollo, Adrian and then Paulie and his son.
Rocky 5 brought Rock back to his roots and showed another side of a champion’s career, the downfall. We saw him there remembering and getting back what he lost. His strength, Mickey’s wisdom, his family and his dignity.
Rocky Balboa AKA Rocky 6 was another incredible lesson that taught us life is too short for excuses. The last thing to age on someone is their heart so old age means nothing to someone who truly lives. The 6th movie of the franchise was so deep and meaningful about the anger, the hate we have inside of us and what we have to do to confront it.
So it’s fair to say that the entire Rocky franchise was a masterpiece that covered everything. Despite that let’s review the Creed movies and see if Stallone should play in Creed 3. Personally, I found it really interesting and realistic to see Rocky getting to know Apollo’s son and help him in his journey. It was really well crafted and directed and as much as we hurt seeing Rocky sick, that’s life. Awesome music, choreography, drama, training montages. All perfect.
Now, let’s all not pretend we never commented on the internet how cool would it be that the son of Apollo as a boxer seeks revenge for his father’s death from Drago’s son. We dreamed it, we got it. Rocky seemed to be fine in that movie too.
So, we have to agree that Rocky’s screening time is over. He came full circle. His journey came to an end like all things in life. What do you expect him to do? Play Rocky in his 80’s for years? We must not be greedy and foolish and always seek more and more sequels or we’re gonna end up like the fast and furious franchise. We have to bury it so we can keep it perfect. This franchise is a gem that will motivate and inspire countless future generations. No need to destroy it just so we can satisfy our selfish thoughts…

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  1. Just think how many generations will grow up with this franchise! The whole Rocky sage rocks! It is sad it its over but we must always think: Dont cry because its over. Be happy it happened! I will always see you again and again Rocky!

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