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The Matrix Resurrections (2021) – What Happened – Raw Reviews

This is neither hate nor fan review… This is simply telling the truth about why the audience disliked The Matrix Resurrections way too much…
First of all, did Lana Wachowski wait 18 years for this story? Really? The idea of showing that the Matrix was just a game inside the Matrix where they were trapped was so simple that everyone understood so simply… I feel like if you wait 18 years to do a sequel to the original legendary trilogy which was the most revolutionary in its field and set the base for any future science fiction and special effect movies, you need to make something more complicated, something with loops, or ideas inside ideas and generally a plot that will blow our minds… Instead, we got a movie of 2h and 28 minutes with poorly executed action scenes that aimed to get the two stars together like a love story.

When I saw the audience’s reviews, I refused to believe that the movie is that bad. I said, its Matrix, it’s Keanu Reeves, it’s Lana Wachowski, the special effects have evolved so much that this movie cant be characterized as ”bad”. Then, I saw it myself and not only I was disappointed but after the first 30 minutes, it was hard to even watch… It is so funny that they didn’t even fix the CGI mistakes, like when Neo and Trinity jump off the building towards the end, Trinity holds Neo from falling and we can clearly see a cable holding them up which wasn’t CGI out. Not to mention that Neo’s only movie was an invisible shield block for all the bullets… I mean come on… After 18 years and the original special effect scenes and all those stunning action scenes, we get only this? It’s not even entertaining.

The Matrix Resurrections
The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

Let’s face the truth, we all expected more stories and fights and plots between Mr. Smith and Neo, or even some crazy scientific ideas among those two and the Analyst and maker of the Matrix. Instead, we got only some flashbacks from the original trilogy just to cause some nostalgia to the viewers and we got so little from agent Smith, his capabilities, or even the resistance and the facts that lead from Revolutions to Resurrection.
It was pretty obvious that Keanu Reeves agreed to do it because he wanted to give more money to charity and just so they won’t do it without him with another actor. But as far as Lana Wachowski this is just poor writing, poor directing and a sellout for the money… Sharing a well-made trailer that will get everyone curious to see the movie.
It’s not me that gives the hard review but the entire audience all over the world.

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