Spider Man No Way Home cast – Failed or Succeeded? – Raw Reviews

Let’s take a quick look at how this awesome superhero movie could have been a masterpiece superhero movie!
What mistakes could have been avoided and what else could have been done!
Hear us out and tell us your opinion!

There is no doubt that for fans, Spider Man No Way Home cast was everything we almost wanted! Marvel finally listened to us and gave us what we wanted, what we see in the animated series, comics and what we desire! We got Tobey Maguire back, the king of nostalgia, the original spiderman and Andrew Garfield our amazing spiderman!!!

Spider Man No Way Home cast

So I think now it’s time to stop the fan hate and appreciate them all for everything they gave us! I hope everyone is happy with the outcome but at the same time, let’s discuss what they could have done more to make this one of the best Marvel movies ever!

Where Spider Man No Way Home cast Succedeed

Bringing back Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin, Alfred Molina as Doc Ock, Jamie Foxx as Electro, Flint Marko as Sandman, and Dr. Connors as Lizard was the biggest and the most courageous move Marvel ever did. The story was on point, the action was just good enough and the quotes were coming one after another! We all admit we wanted to see the legendary quotes that became a viral meme ” You know, I’m something of a scientist my self” ” My back… My back” ” With great power comes great responsibility”
And when the Raimi soundtrack came… A lot of us cried like babies on the inside…
At the same time, we laughed with our unique J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson. It is 100% that in all universes he is the one and only!
A huge surprise was Charlie Cox’s appearance (AKA DAREDEVIL) as Peter Parker’s lawyer. And the moment he instinctively caught that brick thrown through the window saying: ” I’m a really good lawyer! Darn!!!!
We certainly enjoyed the fight between Dr. Strange and Tom Holland’s spiderman and all the multiverse topics but beyond all these, I think there are a lot of missing to make this movie unbelievably amazing! So here me out how they could avoid some of their mistakes and what they could have added to make it a superhero masterpiece!

Mistakes and Corrections

Firstly, let’s state that Molina’s Doc Ock seems to know that Defoe’s Norman Osborn is the Green Goblin. In Raimi’s trilogy, none except Maguire’s Peter Parker Franco’s Harry Osborn and Osborn’s butler know that Norman Osborn was the Goblin. In the movie, it is said that there were pulled people from other universes that know Peter Parker is the spiderman and yet despite one mistake in the movie, that Electro didn’t know his secret identity so shouldn’t have been pulled through to the MCU, yet I may say we have huuuuge potential here!
When Peter lost aunt May they should have pulled through Rosemary Harris, Maguire’s Aunt May to talk with Tom Holland’s peter parker… Oh my, that would have been huge, 100% emotional!

This is how you explain and enjoy the multiverse chaos and all the different stories we had all these years… This is how you bring back Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson to support Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman for losing his Gwen!
And when you think that’s about it, you make a better, bigger, longer action fight in the end among all these characters and suddenly James Franco appears as the new Goblin to help his best friend Peter. Now imagine James Franco on the glider fighting again with Peter and seeing his father while Peter watches his dead friend coming back for a little bit!
I mean god darn! And when it is all over you put this post-credit scene with Venom! I mean the possibilities are endless!!!

Now let’s mention other goofs! Eddie Brock never knew Peter Parker was Spider-Man until after he and Venom were brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the post-credits scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage. However, shortly before this happened, Venom explained it and other symbiotes had a shared hive mind of knowledge across universes. Venom would have had this knowledge via Spider-Man 3.
Lastly, In one of the last scenes of the movie after the memory spell, while Peter is standing over May’s grave and Happy Hogan approaches, he asks Peter how he knew May. Peter responds through Spider-Man and Happy says the same. However, due to the forgetting spell, Happy wouldn’t have known May because he didn’t know Peter, even as the man himself was standing next to him.

That was everything guys. Please let us know any mistakes you spotted or any ideas that would blow everyone’s mind on the big screen!
Because Spiderman will be back!

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