Oscuro Deseo finale: all you need to know about season 2

Earlier this February season 2 of the famous Mexican series: Oscuro Deseo finale was released, putting an end to our agony. Season 2 came out as the finale of season 1 which was available since July 2020. The suspenseful drama/thriller of the first season reached its peak in season 2.

The cast of the series consists of famous Mexican actors as protagonists. Among others, Maite Perroni acted out the role of Alma, and in the role of Dario starred Alejandro Speitzer. Apart from the already known personas such as Esteban (Erik Hayser) there were new entries in season 2 like the mother of Dario who showed up as Lys (Catherine Siachoque).

The plot unfolds through numerous flashbacks. The flashbacks in season 2 might be overwhelming at a point, but they play a vital role. The understanding of the plot is highly based on them. It seems that Lys and Dario’s past is crucial to grasp the reasons behind Dario’s actions.

The suspense is kept from the beginning until the end. The questions remain for the viewer until the very last episode. Alma’s efforts to overcome Dario and forget about her obsession are in vain. Alma tries to avoid any contact with him, but a dark plan will make her meet him again.

Alma gets informed in a mysterious way that Dario is back in Mexico and he is getting ready to get married. Despite her therapy sessions or the opinion of her daughter and ex-husband, Leonardo, she gets involved with Dario once again. When she decides to go and talk to his future wife, in order to warn her about who the real Dario is, the same night the bride-to-be is found dead under unspecified conditions.

Oscuro Deseo finale
Oscuro Deseo finale

All season 2 unfolds around this unfortunate incident that took place on the rooftop of the hotel. Once again Alma is unable to resist Dario. As a result, she is taking his side. Until the very end, the viewer is wondering about who the killer is, what the true identity of Dario is, and what Esteban is trying to achieve.

Season 2 consists of 15 episodes but they are rather empty. Season 2 doesn’t have much to show or reveal so the viewer is just waiting. The plot unfolds through flashbacks and various intimate scenes between the protagonists. This has an effect on the delay of the plot’s development. Apart from the delays, I watched season 2 with great excitement and the suspenseful atmosphere was maintained until the end. The only comment could be that this kind of end could have been possible to come a little bit earlier.

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