Moon Knight Trailer (2022) – Marvel’s New Superhero

Oscar Isaak, known for his participation at Star Wars movies (episode 9, the Rise of Skywalker, Resistance) and from the most recent role he had at Dune as Leto Atreides, is the New Marvel’s superhero Moon Knight. Marvel Studios just published the Moon Knight Trailer and can’t wait to see the new world of Moon Knight. Isaak plays Marc Spector, an ex-soldier with an identity disorder, who seems to live like a ghost in his daily life. It’s hard for him to fall asleep, and he is always too tired to keep up with a normal routine. He tries to balance between the normal world and dreams. Ghosts and weird figures appear to him at times. After visiting a museum of ancient Egypt, he sees a vision of Khonshu and the Egyptian God of the moon, and he uses Marc to come back in life. This situation worsens Marc’s shock and he took advice from a cult leader (Ethan Hawke), who advises him to embrace the darkness inside him.  

Moon Knight Trailer
Moon Knight Trailer

Moon Knight, opens a brand new path of storyline and characters and has no clear connections with other characters of previous Marvel studios for Disney plus movies. There are only some references to Marvel comics debut of 1975 where the Moon Knight had superpowers based on moon phases, but the new film has a different story, based on more contemporary social characters. 

The Moon Knight will be released on March 30 in cinemas.  

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