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Matrix 4 Trailer (2021) – Keanu Reeves

Matrix 4 Trailer

After watching the Matrix 4 Trailer, we can confirm the sources and understand the reason that at 2h 28m, this will be the longest Matrix film as of release. This movie has a total of 9 actors/actresses who were also part of the Netflix Sense8 series, written & directed by Lana and Lilly Wachowski. Max Riemelt (Sheperd), Michael X. Sommers (Skroce), Mumbi Maina (Ellsterr), Max Mauff (Quillon), Purab Kohli (Zen), Erendina Ibarra (Lexy), Freema Agyeman (Astra), Brian J. Smith (Berg), and Toby Onwumere (Seq) who replaced Aml Ameen in season two. As well, Joshua Grothe, who worked as a fight coordinator on Sense 8, plays Funktlon in this Matrix installment.

Matrix 4 Trailer

Fun fact, The Warner Bros logo is green on a gray sky, and the Village Roadshow logo is green. The studio in the WB logo has the heightened blue and yellow colors the Matrix sports in this film.
Keanu Reeves will donate again part of his earnings to leukemia research and charities. Once again, beautiful human being. We don’t care about the public as long as he gives back to the world!
Directed by Lana Wachowski.
Written by Lana Wachowski, David Mitchell, Aleksandar Hemon.
Release date: 22 November

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