Justice League (2021) New Record + Honest Review

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Justice League (2021)

Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) has set a small online record on IMDb, with more than 5000 reviews and a rating of 8,4/10 within only 3 to 4 days! Let’s all accept the fact that this is no ordinary, especially for a superhero movie. Now, let’s discuss what we witnessed here, but Spoiler ahead!
Zack Snyder gave a beautiful directing and development of all the characters of the DC universe that previous movies or movies that didn’t happen, failed to do. It is not easy to make a 4-hour movie, explaining everything when people had seen this movie already. The fact that nobody got bored says a lot! We saw in-depth the history of Cyborg, Wonder Woman’s amazon origin, a small demonstration of Flash’s true power and finally an enjoyable Batman kicking some ass. Ben Affleck is always good and on point, but the writing here was as it supposed to be for the Batman Character. Don’t pretend you didn’t like him going psycho with the Batmobile and his gadgets. Speaking of action, it is safe to admit that the action was two times better than the original movie, with a lot of destruction, and worthy villains.
Now let’s leave action aside. The CGI was really good, finally great cinematography, cool effects ( especially for The Flash), not deeply dark but not with ridiculous constant humor either. DarkSeid was just amazing from every point of view and he was presented in a way that made all fans begging for a sequel or to restore the SnyderVerse. It is only logical that Steppenwolf was only a minion of the almighty powerful Darkseid. Personally, I loved the fact that he was accountable to Desaad, who was dope!

Best Parts

Fans went nuts when they saw Deathstroke, played by Joe Manganiello who was ideal for this role. Let’s be honest, it couldn’t be anyone else except Joe or Manu Bennett ( who played Deathstroke in the Arrow series). Additionally, we saw cool friendly characters like Vulko by Willem Dafoe, Jk Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, Zeus, Ares, Artemis, Martian Manhunter and of course Joker.
We can’t avoid talking about the Batman – Joker scene! Damn, what a scene. Sure Jared Leto isn’t the perfect Joker but as we saw in Batman’s nightmare, not everything is the same in the multiverse. In some different universes, Superman went roque either from his resurrection or Lois Lane’s death. So let’s accept Leto as Joker too without complaining. This short battle between Batman and Joker brought back memories… Man, they could do some beautiful things with these characters.

The Bad Parts

First of all, we have to admit that seeing it in 4:3 wasn’t ideal. We would never do it by ourselves. Secondly, I believe that the constant change of music during the fights was distracting and annoying. This might not be everyone’s complaint, but it was certainly for me. Lastly, for my personal taste, I would prefer Flash’s effects to be lower quality speaking, like the ones from the flash series.
To conclude, Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) was well crafted and plain beautiful. The whole world hopes the studio will take this and the previous movies seriously for once in their life and they will restore the universe and start to do amazing things. It is never too late and Zack proved that not only with his cut but with the cliffhanger he left in the end too.
It is time to stop being fanboys and appreciate all heroes from all Universes and support or criticize honestly all Studios.

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