Girl Power Series & Movies on Netflix You Need to Check!

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Good Girls (2018-)

What do you think about soccer moms? Boring, right? Well, think again! Beth, her little sister Annie, and their friend Ruby are three next-door mothers, in desperate need of money. So, they organize a grocery store heist, only to find out that they are in MUCH bigger trouble than getting caught! They end up working for the local mafia, while they try to find their way to liberation. Good Girls is a funny, unconventional series, but also, surprisingly addictive. Our heroines are resourceful and bold, living a not-so-much boring life after all. I think that a big pro of the series is the relationship between Beth and Rio, as I am sure you will be taken away by the sexual tension between them! The three first seasons are already on Netflix and we are really looking forward to the fourth one, coming probably in a few months on our screens!

Workin’ Moms (2017-)

Workin’ Moms is a series about, well, working moms! Four thirty-something women are struggling to balance their careers with their family lives, as they have to deal with teenagers, breakups, bosses, and diapers. Does it work, you’re asking? Truth is … not so much! They support each other, trying not to be judgemental, while life gives them some hard time! We watch our heroines trying to face these -quite realistic- situations, in a really humorous way. Each of the main characters is unique, dealing with motherhood differently. As I said, I find this series quite pleasant, funny, and disturbingly realistic! Kate, Anne, Frankie, and Jenny are four joyful characters, with my personal favorite being Anne! I suggest you go find your own alter ego!

Ginny & Georgia (2021-)

Girl Power

Now, Georgia is definitely not the mom you are used to meet! She and her children, Ginny and Austin, are moving around the USA, trying to find a place to settle. Georgia is a beautiful, and resourceful woman with a disputable past she tries hard to keep secret. That leads to troubles with her teenage daughter, as their relationship is going through tough situations. Love, teenagers, anger, and betrayal are some of the things you’re going to find in this new Netflix Original series. Georgia’s character is quite intriguing, as she fights hard for her children’s welfare, but, usually, not in the most ethical or legitimate way! It’s a dramatic and mysterious new series, I would suggest that you should watch it, as a pleasant way to spend your time! The season finale seems promising for a second season but not further information can be found at the time.

Grace And Frankie (2015-)

Two «mature» women, with really different characters and lifestyles, are obliged to leave under the same roof. Why? Because their 40-year-long marriages are over, as their husbands have been in a long-term relationship! That is a really long time to be cheated on, isn’t it? That series shows people that a woman in her 70-80 can still live a vivid life. These two women (Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin) learn how to live together and compromise. Later, they become best friends, starting a company with a similar target group: older but living-the-life women! It is a joyful series, with a classic storyline of two incompatible people living together. It can fill us all with the hope that we can be old and rolling!!! Season 7 -and the final one- has not yet started shooting, so for the time being, you can enjoy the last 6 seasons on Netflix.

Moxie (2021)

Girl Power

Moxie is a new Netflix film about a shy high school girl, trying to find a purpose to fight for. Inspired by her mother’s rebellious youth and disgusted by her schoolmates’ sexist behavior, she starts a movement within the walls of her school through a zine she created. She soon finds other girls that join her revolution and, together, they show the world what girls are capable of when they stand by each other. Besides the sexist behavior of other students, this group has to deal with the cowardly female principal. This film is all about girl power! Pretty girls are not evil and snob but offended and angry with the status quo in this small society. Moxie gave them a way out, making them bold and brave enough to talk loudly. It is a sweet, high school story, carrying a deeper message, and that’s what makes it worth watching!

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  1. it surprises me that there are series about that. I ll keep those in mind. they seem the kinda series to have fun but its ok.

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