Ghostbusters Trailer (2021): Afterlife (International)

Ghostbusters Trailer (2021) starring Paul Rudd, Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Finn Wolfhard and Mckenna Grace. Some say that the trailer is even better than the whole previous movie! But I guess you’ll be the one to decide this!

Ghostbusters Trailer (2021)

Synopsis via IMDb

The trailer shows us the story of a single mom and her two kids arriving in a small town, where they begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left for them behind.

Ghostbusters Trailer (2021)

Written and directed by Jason Reitman, Gil Kenan and Dan Aykroyd, Ghostbusters Afterlife will premier on October 8th in the USA and be released in November for everyone. Ghostbusters Afterlife is a PG-13 movie.

Tell us in the comment section if you like the trailer or if you think it is not going to surpass the original.

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