Fast And Furious 9 Trailer 2! Is the franchise dead – Honest Review

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Fast And Furious 9

After watching the trailer we have to admit that it looks tempting to watch with all these fancy cars, speeding, new and old characters coming to the surface and some action. Is it enough though, or the franchise is just cringe?
Nobody can deny that from the first Fast & Furious until the 5th one it was all great! It was all about the streets, the cars, the race, the brotherhood, about life. Later on, the action took over the franchise. That made some people hate the entire saga for no reason, but some real fans stuck around because it was well-directed action with Luke Evans and the legendary badass action hero Jason Statham. Hell, we even loved Fast & Furious 7 because of its emotional scenes but let’s all agree that Fast 8 was just greed. Totally silly.
Now, Fast And Furious 9 looks a little bit better but it feels like it will follow the same path. Sure, John Cena is a great addition to the F-world and Han’s comeback is great, but as far as the plot evolves, nothing will change. To conclude, this sequel is unnecessary and it will probably get some hate. People are just tired of the same thing again and again…
All will become clear on the 25th of June (2021) on its official release!

Interesting facts

  1. Kurt Russell is interested in reprising his role as Mr. Nobody.
  2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will not return.
  3. This will be the 1st film in the franchise since 2 Fast 2 Furious to not be written or co-written by Chris Morgan.
  4. The first film in the series since Fast Five (2011) to shoot with Panavision Panaflex cameras.

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