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Emily in Paris season 2 release date on 22 of December on Netflix worked as a virtual escape for the audience. Season 2 came at a turbulent time just before the Christmas break. The adventures of Emily (Lilly Collins) started when she was chosen to travel from Chicago to Paris in order to work in an advertising company called Savoir. To start with, the location and the plot create various expectations for the audience. A young American businesswoman is ready to start off her career in Europe.

Emily had a huge challenge to overcome, she had to bring American influence and gaze in the advertising company of Savoir. Yet, as we know French Style is great and really dominant. So, who is Emily to change the ways that the French do it? The attitude of “we do it our own way” and the closemindedness of French advertising companies are to bring great distress for our young protagonist. Despite the load of work and the difficulties, Emily has the time to fall in love, travel, make friends, party, and get to know France and French culture.

Well, fall in love not once not twice, okay, I won’t count! Love is one of the main plot features going on and on in both seasons. Sometimes the viewer can ask himself, how realistic is that? In my opinion, it’s not, but the whole series is not realistic either. So let’s try to see it from this perspective and just enjoy it.

Along with Emily, each viewer gets the opportunity to drink his/her coffee in the historic Cafe de Flore or La Maison Rose, take a romantic stroll at Canal Saint-Martin, or simply go to a world-renowned performance “The Swan Lake” in Palais Garnier. Of course, visiting all these places, eating out, rejoining the French cuisine and lifestyle gave Emily the opportunity to grow popular on certain social media platforms, starting steadily to create content becoming a so-called influencer. This aspect of her life wasn’t so positively embraced by her employee.

Apart from love, business, and friendships, Emily’s clothing is a strong eye-catching element throughout the whole series. It’s remarkable how Emily is never found to wear the same outfit, throughout the two seasons. Emily’s clothing is carefully selected and matched following the latest high fashion trends, making known to the audience different fashion styles, created by top designers worldwide. Emily’s affinity for colorful outfits remains vivid in season 2 where she surprises us with even more great outfits.

There is a debate on whether Emily’s high fashion choices work negatively building utopian expectations or if it works counteractively making high fashion available to everyday people. On the one hand, there are some people wondering how Emily, a young businesswoman, just starting off her career, living in a small single-room apartment can actually afford the luxury of having such a grand collection of clothes. On my side, I completely neglect that thought and appreciate the fact that this series became the reason I came closer to high fashion and understood how trends work and spread. Emily in Paris nicely made widely seen high fashion as worn by the girl-next-door, making an influential change in the way high fashion is conceived.

Emily in Paris season 2 release date
Emily in Paris season 2 release date

In season 2 Emily continues her efforts to fit in the French society and learn how to do things the French way. Although, she has learned some stuff and we see differences in her attitude her main character features remain. The ability to “fix things” and the struggle with learning the language remain intact. In her French classes, not only she gets the opportunity to exercise her language skills but she also meets a handsome young guy, Alfie. With whom she is to create a romantic relationship.

Alfie is an interesting persona a Londoner who is obliged to stay in Paris. He brings on the surface a darker image of Paris. It strikes the audience how bluntly he describes the city of romance pinpointing its downsides, but everyone can relate and agree with his comments. Surprisingly, enough this contradiction comes at the right moment when we are all a little bit tired of how perfectly perfect everything seems.

Another rewarding feature in season 2 is that Emily’s efforts are finally recognized by her French co-workers. There is a plot twist towards the end of season two that is highly rewarding both for Emily and the audience that feels her struggles. This kind of reward was necessary and brought justice after all the ups and downs Emily has gone through. Unfortunately, it can’t be said the same for her personal life. Approaching the end, Emily has been betrayed by a fake friendship. Her obsession to stay loyal brought us disappointment at the end with Cammille being disloyal towards Emily, as a result, Emily loses for the second time to be with Gabriel. Anyway, I won’t say more, because is on Emily to decide what’s next.

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