Tom Cruise must – see movies
May 09,2021

 Edge of Tomorrow (2014) – Minority Report (2002) – Oblivion (2013) These 3 Sci-fi action classics definitely belong to Tom Cruise must […]

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All Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies you have to see
May 02,2021

The Terminator Franchise I don’t think you can call yourself a movie junky if you haven’t seen some classics from […]

6 Favorite Musicals that will make you sing for a week!
Mar 19,2021

DISCLAIMER: These are my personal favorites, I don’t mean to exclude other Musicals because they’re bad! All musical movies are […]

4 Crime/Mystery Netflix Original Series you have to watch!
Mar 16,2021

If you are a mystery junkie like me, or you wanted to be a detective when you were growing up, […]

Girl Power Series & Movies on Netflix You Need to Check!
Mar 14,2021

Good Girls (2018-) What do you think about soccer moms? Boring, right? Well, think again! Beth, her little sister Annie, […]

9 Must-See Sport Movies
Mar 06,2021

Rocky Franchise (1976 – 2018) Well, We can’t start this list without the King of motivational sports movies, Rocky one […]

6 Spanish movies that you shouldn't miss!
Another 6 Spanish Movies you shouldn’t miss!
Mar 05,2021

El laberinto del fauno (2006) Set in Spain during World War II. This is the story of a young girl named […]

8 Classic Spanish Movies you have to start with!
Mar 01,2021

In the last couple of years, Spanish movies became ” a thing” and the Spanish Industry seems to age well. […]

6 Mindblow Mystery Movies You MUST Watch!
Feb 23,2021

Well, these are mystery Mindblow movies so no trailers are needed! Just read and watch! Coherence (2013) 8 friends are having […]