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Is Al Pacino back in business with one of the best movies in (2021)? Let’s take a close look!

For me though, the best part was seeing two of my favorite actors Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons reunited after ‘A Merchant in Venice‘. Jared Leto was just a nice addition before the end. ‘House of Gucci’ turned out to be one of those difficult movies to rate and review. It is a little bit flawed film, but there was also a lot to enjoy at the same time. The Italian scenery and the costumes are just stunning with magnificent camerawork being similarly sumptuous. Scott’s direction is dramatic but yet impressive on a technical level, especially in his use of multiple cameras.

Despite the accents, with a Leto overplaying his role, to an almost cartoonish effect, most of the acting is fine. Nothing more to say about the legendary Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons! Lady Gaga kills it as Patrizia, who is portrayed as a very interesting and well fleshed-out character here, with effortless charisma. Critics say that her accent isn’t great, as far as the cast goes it’s actually the most convincing one along with Salma Hayek’s. Adam Driver is a good deal more understated, one of the few in the cast to play it very straight, but he is also compelling and his character growth is believable. They have such great chemistry together.

Al Pacino House of Gucci
Al Pacino House of Gucci

The Gucci family is one powerful family of wealth, fashion, and influence with connections back and forth between Italy and New York. However, greed, power struggle, and inner conflict lead to drama and slowly but surely the undoing and downfall of an empire. Good supporting turns are given from film veterans Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, and Jared Leto as Gucci family members. Lady Gaga shines in this role as her turn is very elegant and sexy The movie is a fine and well-done tale of the rise and fall of a family empire, plus along with the drama, the film entertains in a stylish way. Definitely worth a view!
And let’s just admit it, Al Pacino’s and Jeremy’s Iron’s appearances made this movie a hit!
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