8 Classic Spanish Movies you have to start with!

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In the last couple of years, Spanish movies became ” a thing” and the Spanish Industry seems to age well.
When you decide to start watching Spanish cinema, these are some classics you have to start with:

Contratiempo (2016)

Without any doubt the movie that started all, that intrigued everyone. Contratiempo is the greatest plot twist mystery that introduced everyone to Spanish cinema. It’s all about a successful young businessman who is accused of murdering his girlfriend. When he hires a top-rate lawyer to prepare his defense, mistrust and deceit start a vicious circle of fake stories.

There is a reason Contratiempo is at Top Rated Movies #246. An astonishing mind-bending thriller that Hollywood must study.

Mientras duermes (2011)

This is not an ordinary thriller. This is a fokin creepy, disturbing and chilling thriller that will freeze you at the end. Well crafted, well directed with a nice flow and certainly with an amazing performance from Luis Tosar.

Mientras Duermes is a story about your life. You wake up, again and again, thinking everything is alright, and you safe. But how safe are you really?

El Cuerpo (2012)

Spanish movies

A detective searches for the body of a woman who has gone missing from a morgue.
Another well-crafted mystery thriller from Spain with many twists and turns. You can guess the ending and call yourself a genius if you got it right or you can see it back and enjoy this suspense!

La cara oculta (2011)

A creepy mystery thriller where Adrian an orchestra conductor, receives a video from his beloved ‘wife’, telling him with tears in her eyes that she is leaving him. But is that the case? Can he look beyond the facts?
The Hidden Face is a different Spanish mystery that has emotions, intrigue, originality and an erotic thrilling plot. You will love the story evolved between this couple and a third woman. Enjoy this gem!

Los ojos de Julia (2010)

Spanish movies

Ok, ok we got a unique gem here! We got suspense, investigations from a blind woman, creepy people and a mystery that connects them all. A story that follows the events of the death of the blind Sara, who hanged herself in the basement of her house. Julia, her twin sister, suspects that she was actually murdered. Julia has a degenerative problem with her eyes and is losing her sight. Will she find the murderer before she loses her sight of she will be all alone, blind and scared searching for him?
Don’t miss this gem!

Durante la tormenta (2018)

Spanish movies

Yeah, yeah yeah! I love this movie! Two storms took place separated by 25 years. A woman murdered. A daughter missed. Only 72 hours to discover the truth, but how are these connected? What is possible? What phenomenon caused this?
What a brilliant, tense butterfly effect movie that deserves more recognition! Amazing acting from everyone. I like the concept and the kind of cast which aims to absorb all ages. You can call it mind-bending, you can call it real, fantasy, or all the above but one thing is for sure. This movie is great!

El orfanato (2007)

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A woman brings her family back to her childhood home, which used to be an orphanage for handicapped children. Before long, her son starts to communicate with an invisible new friend.

Now we’re diving into different waters. This Spanish movie might be a thrilling mystery but it evolves around faith. It is a sad catholic fairytale that focuses on children, so you can imagine the drama and scary emotions it creates. The editing is flawless, the acting was unreal! It’s really worth mentioning that this movie succeeded where others failed worldwide. It is a horror, a thriller and a mystery drama at the same time. Don’t miss this masterpiece.

Celda 211 (2009)

Our last suggestion is entirely different. Cell 211 is an action crime movie taking place in jail. A brilliant story about friendship, corruption, and codes that are more valuable and important than labels and uniforms. Two men there are trying to survive on different sides in this riot, Malamandre, the inmate leading the rebellion, and the young guard trapped in the revolt, who poses as a prisoner.

Let’s take a note that the role of Malamandre is played by Luis Tosar, who played in Mientras Duermes. So different roles like day and night.

Oriol Paulo is the Writer of Contratiempo, El cuerpo, Durante la tormenta and  Los ojos de Julia. The guy deserves more recognition worldwide! He is really good!

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