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3 Time Travel Netflix Series you MUST watch!

Dark (3 seasons)

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Dark is a crime time travel series that presents mysterious actions among four families in a German town who suffer a supernatural twist. The disappearance of two young children exposes their relationships and soon they have to discover who to join for their own interest.

Well, I don’t know if I can spoil something about this masterpiece but SPOILER AHEAD! Let’s talk about time travel, specifically in Dark, because it happens A LOT! Every episode shocks you in ways you never thought was possible. The intrigues, the connections, the discoveries, the revelations, the drama, the chronological back and forth will keep you tight in your seat! You will see new characters but it feels like you know them from the start. You’ll dive into past, present, future, multi-universe, different realities, gods, inventions, beginning of time, and much much more. Don’t watch it slowly, get a grip and make your assumptions! Thank you, Netflix.
PS: That INRO!!!

Travelers (3 Seasons)

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In the distant future, the last surviving humans discover how to send consciousness back through time in the 21st century. These Travelers have specific missions to save the world from self-destruction. Secretly working together and developing human connections, all agents will choose the right path to avoid their dark future.

How cool was this series!!! It is one of those series that you can keep going on and on for many seasons, but unfortunately, they shot 3 perfect seasons. You will love Travelers because it differs from other time travel series. That’s because it focuses on ” Each action, each decision leads to a different future”. And at the same time that it doesn’t. That you can’t change time. You can’t change fate. I loved the character development and each episode’s thrill. The element of surprise and entertainment is always there and that is the basis for a good time travel series.

Timeless ( 2 Seasons)

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Timeless is an action-packed time travel series telling the story of a mysterious criminal who steals a time machine to change the past as we know it. Three people are recruited to stop him and save history but soon will realize there is a war taking place that is a bigger threat.

Sooo entertaining and so different from the other time travel series. Here we have the concept that each person has a unique print in history. Each person could change millions of lives. Timeless is all about an organization that tries to exist throughout history and conquers the world. A historian, a soldier, and a tech guy are trying to stop them but history and their past make it complicated. One ”plus” about this series is that throughout each episode it teaches us something important about our history. The writers really picked some interesting historic moments to show us and the directing and costume designers embraced that! Starring characters developed an interesting connection that played an important element in their story.

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  1. I cant let go these series. they are unique. yu connect with the characters in travellers and timeless. they should do both 5 seasons.

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