15 Sad/Fun Facts about Keanu Reeves

1) Keanu attended 4 different high schools because he struggled with dyslexia.
2) At age 3, his father left.
3) His daughter died at birth in 1999.
4) River Phoenix, his best friend died of a drug overdose.
5) The Love of his life, ex-wife Jennifer was killed in a car accident.
6) His sister had leukemia. She was cured, and then he donated MILLIONS to hospitals that treat leukemia.
7) He’s worth over $100 million, and still rides the subway.
8) Keanu considered playing ice hockey for the Canadian Olympics team, but changed his mind and decided to be an actor when he was just 15.
9) Keanu co-founded “Arch Motorcycle Company” which makes and sells custom motorcycles. He is a big fan of motorcycles.

10) He offered up $1 million of his paycheck in “The Devil’s Advocate” so Al Pacino could be cast. Additionally, he took a pay cut of millions for “The Matrix” so the producers could afford better special effects.
11) Keanu bought all 12 of his stuntmen in Matrix a Harley Davidson motorcycle.
12) Despite his money, Keanu is often spotted taking walks in plain simple clothes and didn’t buy his first house until 2003.
13) For John Wick, Keanu trained for 6 months and did 98% of his stunts. A professional man seeking to learn vs other Hollywood actors… The whole crew was blown out of their minds!
14) There’s a belief called the “Keanu Code” that claims you can learn about hidden forces that influence the world by studying Keanu Reeves movies.
15) There is a conspiracy that believes, Keanu Reeves is immortal. Fans have noted that Keanu looks extremely similar to Paul Mounet, who was a French actor born in 1847, and they claim Keanu never seems to age.

Keanu Reeves

What a beautiful soul. We love you, Keanu Reeves! Thnx for making the world a better place.

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  1. Honestly what a guy… Life hit him in every wrong way possible but he made it and he dedicated his early carreer to help others. The world needs more Keanu.

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